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We challenge students who are above grade level

We advance students who are on grade level

We strengthen students who are below grade level

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We are colleagues who have thirty years of combined educational experience in both classroom instruction and tutoring. After nine years of working together, and many conversations about how best to serve the individual needs of our students, we decided to launch The Tutoring House.


The Tutoring House is not your typical chain of tutoring centers. Because we have both tutored for several years, we understand firsthand that not everyone learns in the same way. Often what works for one student does not work for another. What began as a casual conversation a few years ago, turned into a decision to combine our individual strengths and open a business that we know will provide the best possible education plan for every student.


We assess each student individually and use the results to create an individualized learning plan. We believe we can develop abilities within our students with consistent effort, practice, and positive guidance.

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