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Rachele M. - SLC

My daughter was struggling with reading and didn’t even want to try. Mrs. Austin has worked wonders to improve her reading skills to grade level and build her self-confidence. She has gone the extra mile to support my daughter providing rewards for her progress and being there to cheer on her accomplishments. Our lives have been changed by Mrs. Austin and her positive attitude and persistence.

My son has had great success tutoring with Tricia Cook for the past 3 years. She has helped his reading scores improve by leaps and bounds. Last year, he received an award at his schools end of year assembly for improving his DIBELS score by 189 points. This was the most improved score in the school. He was so proud and it gave him the confidence to keep doing his best. She creates a fun environment for learning and is always patient with my energy abounding son.

Holladay Mom

Mrs. Austin has tutored my two sons through 3 summer vacations. My children have very different academic challenges, but Mrs. Austin remained flexible and adaptive in meeting their needs. The consistency and routine she provided undoubtedly helped their retention and provided confidence as they entered a new school year. Above all this, my boys adore her warm demeanor and look forward to seeing her.

Olivia N. - SLC

I highly recommend Cindy Hunt for all tutoring needs.  Cindy was instrumental in helping my daughter write all her college essays. Her incredible knowledge and writing skills led my daughter to great success and she received over $200,000 in college scholarships! She's an amazing teacher and mentor who was not only an exceptional help to my daughter while fine tuning her application essays, but also while preparing for the ACT and SAT. Cindy Hunt is a remarkable resource and plethora of knowledge. I highly recommend Cindy Hunt for ANY writing/tutoring needs your child may need.

Melanie B. - SLC

I highly recommend Tricia Cook as a reading tutor.  She is kind and patient and always positive. She knows how to help struggling readers improve their reading skills with a reading program matched to your child’s needs.  My son has a language disorder which impacted his ability to learn to read and become a proficient reader.   Tricia’s use of the Wilson Reading System has helped him make strides in his reading skills when other methods did not.  We saw a significant improvement after only a short period of time with her reading tutoring.  As a direct result of becoming a better reader my son is a stronger student at school.  My son is a better and more confident reader because of Tricia. 

LeeAnn S. - Cottonwood

Cindy Hunt provided a supportive voice with clear milestones for my high school student the summer and fall before college applications were due. She did what I could not, provide an independent comforting sounding board that kept my student on track for completing the most daunting part of the college application process.

Jayne M. - SLC

In first grade my daughter began to fall behind in her reading skills. By summertime, I knew we had to do something or she would be lost in second grade. Thankfully, Tricia Cook focused clearly on what my daughter required and what her skills set could be improved on. Her tutoring abilities and knowledge went beyond what the school offered us. This year my daughter is in third grade and her reading test scores in reading are so advanced. We are thrilled we came to Tricia.

Holladay Mom

Having my daughters work with Raquel was amazing. Not only was she able to help them increase their fluency and comprehension, but she also boosted their confidence. Raquel’s warm personality and skilled instruction helped them see that reading really is fun!    

A.S. - Millcreek

Connor helped me become a stellar math student and gave me the confidence and tools I needed to be successful in a high school setting. His advanced knowledge in multiple fields of math helped me learn the process rather than just finding the answer to the problem. He provided math resources of his own that I was interested in learning about outside of the classroom and suggested websites that helped reinforce difficult topics that I was struggling with. Connor is very organized and worked with my busy high school schedule. Connor’s advanced knowledge in science and mathematics subject tests on the ACT and advice on how to take the ACT test was beneficial to the improvement of my STEM score. Connor cares about the success of the student which makes him a tremendous tutor. 

Sam H. - Student

Tricia has been tutoring my son in reading for 2 years. Her patience and willingness to meet my son’s needs has helped him make great strides in his reading. As a parent, I feel confident that my child is being taught what he needs to have a lifelong love of reading.

Leslie H. - Sandy

Cindy Hunt motivated me to finish my essays for thirteen colleges. Our sessions together helped solidify my ideas, polish my sentence structure, and most importantly stay within the required word count

Kurt M. - Student

My daughter (7 year old) was falling behind in reading and even though she wasn’t that far from average she was already presenting some signs of anxiety and low self-esteem.  As a consequence, she was getting disappointed and getting nervous every time she needed to read.  I was so afraid that she was going to hate reading and more over being so little and facing anxiety because of it. 

Raquel Austin took care of my daughter in so many ways, she helped her with her obstacles in her reading, helped her with her confidence and self-esteem, she improved in all of this because of the way Raquel took upon her to build my daughter up with love, patience and understanding and a vast knowledge on teaching kids how to read in a fun and active way.  Raquel went the extra mile with my little one, it was not just getting her to read it was more of getting my daughter to enjoy her reading and believe in her ability of being able to accomplish reading and anything in this world.

I can’t leave behind what Raquel did for me as a mom, she would give me updates on my daughter’s progress and always had a reassuring and positive mind that gave me the peace of mind that I needed.

My daughter now loves reading and we love Raquel like family.

From all of our family THANK YOU!

Gemma P. - SLC

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