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Option 1

60 minutes


Option 2

45 minutes


Option 3

30 minutes


Late cancelations and no shows are charged the full rate for tutoring sessions & assessments

Wilson Reading Programs
1 - on - 1

60 minutes / $75.00
45 minutes / $65.00
30 minutes / $55.00


Informal Assessments
Based on grade level

Guided Reading Level
Independent Reading Level
Grade Level Reading
Reading Comprehension
Listening Comprehension
Word Recognition
Phoneme Decoding Efficiency
Preschool Assessment
Kindergarten Readiness

Letter Recognition
Letter Sounds 
Math Diagnostic Test
Program Placement
(Wilson Assessment of Decoding and Encoding)

 Assessments are $95.00 and typically last about 45 minutes. After the assessment we review the results with you, make recommendations and email an assessment summary report within 1-2 weeks after the assessment.

Formal (Standardized) Assessments
Based on age

Learning Disability Testing

Woodcock Johnson IV Cognitive Testing
Woodcock Johnson IV Achievement Testing

Learning Disabilty Testing typically takes about 6 hours and can be completed in 1 day or over 2 days. After the testing is complete, we will schedule a meeting to review the testing results. A comprehensive and score report will be sent home with you.

Dyslexia Probability Testing

GORT5 (Grays Oral Reading Test)
CTOPP2 (Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing)
WIST (Word Identification & Spelling Test)

Dyslexia probability testing is not a Dyslexia diagnosis, but the probability that your child may have Dyslexia.  The testing takes about 3 hours and is completed in 1 day. After the testing is complete, we will schedule a meeting with you to review the testing results and a comprehensive report will be sent home with you.


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